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Welcome to Speak Lekker Afrikaans!

So what is the secret to learning afrikaans?

You have to HEAR the language. Then you need to SPEAK it. Then read and lastly write. SpeakLekkerAfrikaans follows the communicative approach.

Speak Lekker Afrikaans uses beautiful pictures to capture the attention of children and teaches them to understand, speak and write Afrikaans. The programme has been developed by a teacher and is highly successful. We also sell My Afrikaanse Woordeboek which is an illustrated dictionary with delightful pictures, which have been organised into themes. Inbox Speak Lekker Afrikaans for more information.


Speak Lekker Afrikaans for Learners

If you have a child in Primary School who struggles with Afrikaans, you have come to the right place.

This proven system for learning Afrikaans and becoming confident in the language is fun and will see grades at school improve. Developed over 25 years this Listen, Repeat, Learn and Understand language learning system has helped many children succeed in Afrikaans, especially those from non-Afrikaans speaking households.

Speak Lekker Afrikaans for Schools

Uplift the Teaching of Afrikaans in your classroom.

With easy to use and highly effective teaching tools that have proven themselves over 25 years, you can improve the grades of your learners and see them excel!


How Does Speak Lekker Afrikaans Work?

25 Years of Teaching English Kids to speak Afrikaans has taught Marieta Brand a lot.  There are many challenges but if Afrikaans is rarely or never spoken in the home environment with a native speaker it will be more than difficult to learn.

Speak Lekker Afrikaans goes back to basics using sound and pictures to get a child to listen, repeat, see and then understand. Speak Lekker Afrikaans uses the most basic principles of learning by using the senses of sight and sound to get kids speaking the language.

By means of simple books, clear listen and repeat audio  and creative pictures that encourage a child to use the language Speak Lekker Afrikaans delivers outstanding results time after time.


In her own words:

Hello, I am Marieta Brand

I have taught Afrikaans to Grades 2 and 3 for 25 years. My experience made me realize that English children struggle to acquire vocabulary, to pronounce the words correctly, to read and to construct sentences. When constructing sentences, they constantly need the teacher’s help and a lot of time gets wasted, standing in lines at the teacher’s table. It is also frustrating for both learner and teacher when learners cannot work independently. I therefore designed “My Afrikaanse Woordeboek” to aid the learners and the teachers as follows:

  • learn vocabulary and pronunciation at the same time
  •  words are sorted into themes
  • words are numbered (easy to follow) or in lines, so they can be read from left to right
  • words are sorted into parts of speech to help with the construction of sentences