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Our Story

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Our Heartbeat Is for The Children of Africa.

We have been involved in Christian missions in rural Africa for the past 4 years.

For a short while, we had the opportunity to stay amongst the people of Simlemba Village in Rural Malawi.  They become part of our family.

Their Need became our need, Their Pain became our pain and their Struggles
became our struggles.

During this time, we have seen a lot and experienced the need for nutritious food, clean water, clothing, and school supplies.  We Love the unloved, We Care for the neglected and We fed the hungry.

We strive to build relationships with Worldwide companies that can help with resources for Water wells, purifiers, school supplies and Vegetable seeds.

Our hearts beat for the Children of Africa. We long to see that every child is well-fed, well-nourished, well dressed and well educated. We soon realized that whilst the World prays for Africa, someone must listen when God speaks and act.

For a reality check please watch “The Boy Who Harnased the Wind": https://www.netflix.com/title/80200047

We aim to serve Locally and Internationally.

By being involved in our local communities we can raise money and serve the international communities. By creating volunteer opportunities, we open doors to do much more. We do not only help but we create a healthy habit of caring for each other and helping other where it is needed most 

Our Mission

God gave us a Word to Love and Make a
difference in the lives of the children of Africa.

Our Vision

We strive to Love and support the
Children in Africa. Irrespective of race, gender or nationality.

Our Objectives

We have different objectives for the National and International relief programs.


We will serve our community through the following

  • Buddy support – Homework help, Assignment help, self-care, and feeding schemes
  • Vegetable Gardens – teach children the how-to of planting their own and community vegetable gardens
  • Needles and Pins – to assist in fixing some of the clothes we receive but by doing this teach the girls (and boys) in the community to amend their torn clothing, hemming, and sewing on buttons, etc.
  • Mission Work – Reaching out to communities and sharing the Word of God. Showing His Love and His Grace for all.


  • Africa Children Aid will work together with Village Representatives, Religious Leaders, and Community leaders to do proper needs Analyses of the needs of a specific Village, area or community.
  • Africa Children Aid will work together with the leaders to provide relief.
  • Africa Children Aid will strive to negotiate with all role players before it decides to provide relief to a group of people or individuals.
  • Assist in Clothing Needs for children
  • Assist with School Supplies and School Uniform
  • Assist Girls with Re-usable Sanitary wear.
  • Assist Communities with the necessary training and tools to start community vegetable gardens in their prospective areas.
  • Provide communities with the necessary equipment to provide clean drinking water to children and members of that community.
  • Mission work – Discipleship Training through our program Leaves-of-Faith and reaching out and praying with members of the community. Sharing Gods Love and Grace.

Success Campaign

The result of the hard work together.


Campaign Running

Support and be part of a change now.


The city was rebuilt

Imagine, how much we helped them.

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