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Our Heartbeat is for the Children of Africa.

We have been involved in  Christian missions in rural Africa for the past 4 years.

For a short while, we had the opportunity to stay amongst the people of Simlemba Village in Rural Malawi.  They become part of our family. Their Need became our need, Their Pain became our pain and their Struggles became our struggles.

During this time we have seen a lot and experienced the need for nutritious food, clean water, clothing, and school supplies.  We Love the unloved, We Care for the neglected and We feed the hungry.

We strive to build relationships with Worldwide companies that can help with resources for  Water wells, purifiers and Vegetable seeds.

Our hearts beat for the Children of Africa. We long to see that every child is well-fed, well-nourished, well dressed and well educated. We soon realized that whilst the World prays for Africa, someone must listen when God speaks and take action.

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We in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts to bring about change for children. We have a rich history of partnering with induviduals, companies, orginizations and corporations who share our commitment to helping those in need.

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You can contribute your time, skills or knowledge by volunteering at Africa Children Aid. This is an opportunity to be the change you want to see.