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Terms & Conditions


Users, as natural persons, are defined by Section 1 of the Act as consumers for purposes of the Act and users are advised, should they view any term herein as a transgression of ECTA, to approach the National Consumer Commission in this respect.
In fulfilling its obligations in terms of Section 43(1) of ECTA, Komjag has embodied in this document the minimum information necessary for consumers.
Komjag, in compliance with Sections 43(5) and (6) will do their utmost to provide a secure and reliable payment system. Please also refer to the section on payment for these purposes.
Users are further referred to Section 44 of ECTA for purposes of any cooling off rights, Komjag’s cancellation policy notwithstanding these provisions.


In compliance with its obligations in terms of CPA, Komjag undertakes to:-
In terms of Section 17, permit consumers to cancel advance bookings – please refer to the cancellation policy contained below.
In terms of Section 22, use plain understandable language.
In terms of Section 26 and 50, keep a record of all transactions.
Komjag will not send unsolicited marketing material or promotion without the User having agreed to receive periodical marketing and informational material from Komjag.
Komjag will also not require that you waive any of your statutory rights or waive liability or obligations that Komjag has to meet in terms of this Agreement.




  1. The user is advised that all applicable amounts in terms of this agreement are EXCLUSIVE of VAT (Value-Added Tax) and, as when at such time Komjag becomes a registered VAT Vendor, it be mandatory that Komjag charge 14% for purposes of Value-Added Tax.
  2. Komjag provides for payment to be effected through either credit card, electronic funds transfer or cash payments via the Komjag website.
  3. Komjag undertakes not to store any payment details effected by or through credit cards or electronic funds transfers and further undertakes to keep no record pertaining to same for use by third parties.
  4. Although Komjag takes great care in securing all payments via Virtual Cards Services (VCS), I-Pay, Payfast and First National Bank merchant facilities, Komjag cannot be held liable for irregularities occurring through banking channels utilized by a paying party.
  5. Any payments from territories outside of the Republic of South-Africa that attract ancillary costs of transfer will be borne by the payer.
  6. Each hunting facility that is contracted in with Komjag may have its own cancellation procedure and applicability of refunds which is not in the control of Komjag and is legally binding on you once you have agreed to the booking being confirmed.
  7. Refunds that are due to a user, having availed them of the full and applicable cancellation policy of the hunting facility, will be paid by the hunting facility to Komjag and, upon receipt of the amount and within three days thereafter, will be paid to the user.
  8. Should a refund be payable to you, Komjag will be eligible for an administration fee equal to 5% of the refund amount payable to you. Any refunds that have to be processed for territories outside of the Republic of South-Africa and that attract ancillary banking charges will be payable by the payee.